Here, teachers will find links to useful resources for effectively teaching their subjects as well as professional development.
Students can also use some of these resources for independent learning.
Please read the description for each resource, then follow the corresponding link to access a resource.

1. Centre for mathematics teaching and innovation: This website contains tons of resources advice for active teaching of mathematics. Topical resources for A-level mathematics and further mathematics can be found here.

2. PAPACambridge: Download past exam papers, notes, and many other teaching resources from PAPA Cambridge. Use the direct links below to the resources (sign-in not required):
CIE Mathematics (9709) past papers,
CIE Physics (9702) past papers,

3. Just the Maths: A collection of maths units booklet written by A J Hobson for students and teaching slides for instructors. Suitable for A-level teachers and students.
Units (notes and exercises) for different maths topics can be download here.
Teaching slides can be downloaded here.

3. Mathedup!: Need quick revision in A-level maths and further maths? Mathedup! in there for you with quick revision videos, exercises, and solutions. AS and A-Level Maths Revision here. A-level further maths revision here.

4. 17Calculus: A website with complete university-level calculus, science, and engineering. Use this site to practice advanced calculus skills like higher-order differentiation. Very useful for AP calculus and further mathematics

4. Interactive Mathematics: A website that makes mathematic fun. Useful for teaching mathematics in a playful way.

4. MATHSprint: A maths worksheet generator for IGCSE and GCSE. This is a paid service. Get a school license and it can be used by all maths teachers at home and in school to create worksheets in seconds.

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