Data Meeting #4

After having completed data meeting #3, we had had much more confidence in our PLC and believed that we will be able to meet the goal of the PLC as well as the SMART learning goals set during Data Meeting #3.

Before conducting Data Meeting #4, we took some time to carefully plan for our meeting content. Although there were still some minor doubts as to what is required, it was much easier sorting things out than in the previous data meetings–likely because of our gained experience.

DM#4 was the key meeting in which strategies/tactics were designed to help fill the learning/instructional gaps. These strategies could not be developed without in-depth research; therefore, the research process began weeks before DM#4 and continued into the data meeting week.

Our exploratory question:

Should we continue to assign homework to our students and, if not, what other instructional strategies can we use to get students to meet and exceed curriculum benchmarks?

(Techo, Marcie, Allison, 2019)

To answer the exploratory question, an in-depth literature search was needed. Thus, during DM#3, we read many academic papers in the area of homework, the most impactful of which was The Case For and Against Homework (Marzano & Pickering, 2007). We also conducted research on alternative strategies to meet and exceed curriculum benchmarks and found that previous research has proven that a flipped classroom model would work well with our students’ level and content area (Yousefzadeh & Salimi, 2015).

Many of the strategies search conducted during the week of DM#4 were via the resources on Expeditionary Learning Education (EL Education, n.d.). I specifically reviewed a video on a simple but powerful class activity called Science Talk and thought how it could be adapted for our grade level by incorporating technology in an online discussion instead of the normal f2f discussion.

After the arduous research and search for strategies, we were finally able to conduct a successful Data Meeting #4. And, with Marcie’s relentless efforts pulling resources together, an expedient presentation was produced.

We are all proud of ourselves for successfully going through this data meeting process during which much was learned in the areas of teaching strategies, technology, and collaboration.

I look forward to a similarly successful Data Meeting #5.

Forward Ever, Backward Never!

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