Data Meeting #3

When I began this course and was informed that we will be using data in teams to make instructional decisions, there were many things I was skeptical about: I wasn’t sure it would be possible to make any worthwhile decision by studying student data; I wasn’t sure a randomly assigned team would be able to work effectively in a virtual classroom setting; I couldn’t believe that I would gain anything from the class. After completing data meeting #1, my concerned, though a little less intense, was still there. Then came DM #2, not much changed. When we went through DM#3, I started to realize the value of the course and I also began to see where we are headed.

Data meeting #3 has been the pinnacle of the PLC process. Our collaboration process became more intense; our group members had been more engaged in the PLC process and everyone contributed much more than ever before. Prove of this is that we actually held four meetings this week, in addition to collaboratively working on our Google Doc planning document. In our actual data meeting, we actually met twice and completed more work than we did in the previous meetings

As a result, we learned more from DM #3 than in DM #1 and DM #2. I personally learned how to set SMART student learning goals in a more practical and collaborative fashion. I believe this will be very helpful in how I set learning goals with my students in ways that will help them become more successful learners.

In future meetings, I will certainly work even harder and hope that other teammates continue with the same spirit so that by the end of the course we can be proud of ourselves as successful student data analysts.

Forward ever, backward never!!!

Dr. Vincent P. Techo
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  1. Carolanne Mueller

    Awesome presentation! It seems like your team worked really well together to apply your research to your learning and instructional gaps. Great job!!

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