Data meeting #1

This was the first time I ever took part in a PLC to analyze data and I was, at first, afraid I wouldn’t bee able to successfully go through it or even make a positive contribution to the meeting. We began by making plans as to who will facilitate which data meeting. Because of the lack of confidence, I wasn’t sure which data meeting I could handle and I wanted to be the very last to make a pick of the last meeting. However, I noticed that no other member of our team chose data meeting #1. So, I decided to handle it and try my luck.

In preparation for data meeting #1, we contacted each other via email and made clarifications on the expectations for the meeting. We held our first virtual meeting on Zoom to plan further on when to meet next and the meeting protocol. The actual data meeting was very smooth; thus, successful.

All our team members actively presented graphs and their notice and Wonder statements. We then developed exploratory questions based on our observations. Our exploratory questions are the following:


1. Are our assessments correctly aligned with objectives and should we spend more time practicing and preparing for the assessments in order to ensure that all students reach a high level of performance?

2. Should we continue to assign homework to our students and, if not, what other instructional strategies can we use to get students to meet and exceed curriculum benchmarks?

Below is a video presentation of our data meeting. The presentation is created using the tech tool Adobe Spark.


Thanks for taking this journey with me. 😀

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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6 thoughts on “Data meeting #1”

  1. Hi Techo,

    I’m glad to know your first data meeting went well! I’m sure the process and contribution from your team members helped you build the confidence to create a great presentation. You did a nice job being specific in your data analysis and tying it back to specific content learning objectives.

    Thanks for sharing!

    -Carina Goncalves

  2. Hello Techo,

    Thanks for being the first in our group to do the Data meeting presentation. You did a great job.
    Yes, I was feeling the same way a bit nervous about the first meeting and working to make sure that I understood all that needed to be done.


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