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You will learn how to:

  • prove, understand and use de Moivre’s theorem for positive exponents, and also work with negative and rational exponents
  • express trigonometric ratios of multiple angles in terms of powers, and express powers of cosine and sine in terms of multiple angles
  • use summation notation in conjunction with de Moivre’s theorem to simplify and manipulate series of trigonometric terms
  • interpret the multiplication and division of complex numbers geometrically
  • determine the nth roots of unity and of complex expressions.

Cambridge International AS and A-Level Further Mathematics by McKelvey L., & Crozier M. (Download eBook)

Technical Guide:
Take note of the following…
1. Most videos are hosted on Youtube. For the best learning experience, follow the guidelines on this page “Tech Guide for students“.
2. Lessons are in succession. Thus, Lesson 1 must be completed before you can have access to Lesson 2, Lesson 2 must be completed before Lesson 3, etc. When you finish a lesson, you must click on the “Mark Complete” button at the bottom of the page.

Course Instructor

Dr. Vincent P. Techo Dr. Vincent P. Techo Author

Founder of Techo Academy. Mathematics and Further Mathematics instructor. Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). Master of Education (MEd) in Instructional Technology (Ongoing). Master of Business Administration (MBA). B.S. in physics.

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