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You will learn how to:

  • formulate and carry out a hypothesis test concerning the mean for a small sample using the t-test
  • calculate a pooled estimate of a population variance from two samples
  • formulate and carry out a hypothesis test concerning the difference in means, using:
    • a two-sample t-test
    • a paired sample t-test
    • a test using the normal distribution
  • determine a confidence interval for a population mean based on a small sample, using the t-distribution
  • determine a confidence interval for the difference in population means.

Cambridge International AS and A-Level Further Mathematics by McKelvey L., & Crozier M. (Download eBook)
Other Resources:
List of formulae and Statistical Tables (List MF19) [Download]

Technical Guide:
Take note of the following…
1. Most videos are hosted on Youtube. For the best learning experience, follow the guidelines on this page “Tech Guide for students“.
2. Lessons are in succession. Thus, Lesson 1 must be completed before you can have access to Lesson 2, Lesson 2 must be completed before Lesson 3, etc. When you finish a lesson, you must click on the “Mark Complete” button at the bottom of the page.

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