EDTC 615

Academic posts from the UMUC course “EDTC 615: Using Technology for Instructional Improvement: Research, Data, and Best Practices”.

The course is an overview of systematic planning, development, and evaluation of media-rich classroom instruction. Research and assessment data are analyzed for their use in promoting student learning and technology integration. Collecting, summarizing, analyzing and applying assessment data to classroom improvement with techniques for organization and participation in a grade-level or school-wide collaborative team are included.         (Khalsa, 2019)

The course follows Venable’s (2014) process for conducting data meetings. A reflection of each data meeting as conducted by team 3; Allison, Marcie, and myself (Techo) is reported in each of these posts. There are additional posts about the main ideas from the course, highlights of the course,  and my experience with the course. For instance, you will find posts about Personal Learning Networks (PLN), Professional  Learning Communities (PLCs) and global PLCs.